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Svalbard newspaper in Russian language

The world’s northernmost newspaper, Norwegian Svalbardposten will be translated into Russian for the first time this autumn.

Svalbardposten and the Russian mining company Arktikugol have concluded an agreement to publish two editions of Svalbardposten in Russian. The first edition will be published on August 21, in connection with Arktikugol’s 80th anniversary. The initiative to the project was taken by the company’s General Director Alexander Veselov.

- Svalbardposten in Russian is an attempt to fill an information gap and will give the Russian population a closer connection to the life on Svalbard, Veselov writes in an e-mail to Svalbardposten.

Svalbardposten comes out on print once a week and is operated from Longyearbyen. In 2009 it had 2989 subscribers. The total population on Svalbard that year was 2753, of which 423 were Russian and Ukrainian.

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