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Norways man in Murmansk

Top diplomat yvind Nordsletten is in place as new Consul General in Russias largest Arctic city. He spent his first day by introducing Norwegian parliamentarians to the booming cross-border relations between Murmansk and Norway.

Consul General Nordsletten says to BarentsObserver that he just couldnt wait to start with the important bridge-building mission between the two countries in the north. I was supposed to start on September 1st, but couldnt wait, so I arrived here earlier this week.

With the early arrival, the new Consul General got the chance to welcome the Norwegian Parliaments Arctic Delegation to Murmansk. The group of five parliament members met with key-persons in the Norwegian-Russian relations.

There are today some 20 Norwegian companies that operate in Murmansk, far more than any other countries. Also, many Norwegian organisation and institutions have active cooperation with partners in Murmansk.

The Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk has more than 20 employees and ensures the multilevel contact network on the regional level in Russias north-western corner. In addition to Murmansk Oblast, the Consulate General also represents Norways interests in Arkhangelsk Oblast and Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The region has more than two million inhabitants.

yvind Nordsletten has a long career as diplomat in Russia and Eastern Europe. He was Norways Ambassador to Moscow in the period from 2000 to 2008. Before that he was Ambassador in Ukraine in the 90ties. Hes first mission to Moscow was however long before that. -This autumn it is 45 years since I had my first appointment to Norways Embassy in Moscow; that time as a guard.

Text: Thomas Nilsen


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